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December 30, 2007
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Porcelain- Sasuke- Killer by bananaaanna Porcelain- Sasuke- Killer by bananaaanna
OKAY! So I attempted this at like...midnight cause I had this urge to draw a blood-thirsty Sasuke. I think it turned out okay for my second CG with my tablet. I got used to the feathering and I think i'm getting better...

I know, I know...he looks a bit 2-D. It's sad really, I almost cried.

This drawing is for my story called Porcelain.
You can read it here: [link]

I was looking at it and I noticed that the drawing could also be for Wanting (my other story), since he does look like a killer... Whichever one you think it suits best, stick with it.

LOL, Since all my guy friends are mean and since I don't have any brothers, I had to get my sister to pose this one for me. LMAO.
Had to make a ton of adjustments since she's not manly AT ALL... she is a pretty good model though.

Hence, I am shouting this out to my darling sister Angela, for putting up with me and trying her best to look like a man!

The stupid hands took me an hour. I HATE HANDS.

Total Time- 4 hours
Used- PS, Tablet, Pencil
pebblesdork Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2008
omg i really loved your story!! it was amazing! u should really publish it =>
my brother helped me create this picture,its my dedication to porcelain, i hope u lik it =]
[link] brother is a computer geek and knows how to make photo manipulation.
Bottled-insanity Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2008
:o hmmm, I dont think his head is in poportion with his body, but its a good try :3 keep working at it :3 good luck :3
bananaaanna Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2008
ROFL :O Oh... that I look at kinda makes sense....

Thanks!!!! :3
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